There are a lot of myths that surround strength training. The most common misconceptions about strength training is that strength training will lead to muscle bulking and building muscle will slow you down​.

Runners are concerned that of they start strength training they will instantly look like a bodybuilder. It is actually very difficult to put on "unwanted muscles" while also doing heavy amounts of cardio. To put on that amount of muscle mass you would need to consume huge amounts of calories while doing very different weight training specific workouts which look very different than an endurance based strength training program. 

The benefits of strength training far outweigh any perceived negative impacts. Strength training is actually critical to any running program. Adding strength training into your routine can:

  1. Improve running economy

  2. Improve existing muscle imbalances or weaknesses

  3. Help maintain lean muscle mass


All of which can allow runners to stay healthy and avoid injuries.