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Different Types of Workouts

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

BASE RUN Base runs or easy runs make up a majority of the week's running (typically 80% of your mileage). Base runs are used to help you adapt to the muscular demands of running as well as improve your cardio fitness. These runs should be completed at a very comfortable pace.

LONG RUN The long run will be your longest run of the week. Long runs are beneficial in many ways. Running long will build your cardiovascular system, build mental toughness, and help you practice fueling for your race!

Long runs are especially important for distances such as the half or the full marathon. These runs are typically run at a comfortable and steady pace.

TEMPO RUN Threshold training also referred to as tempo runs are used to increase the lactate threshold, meaning your body will become more efficient at clearing lactate, which will allow you to run faster for longer. Tempo runs also boost mental resilience because they are hard workouts. Tempos will teach you to keep running when running gets hard. Tempo runs should feel comfortably hard, or a pace you could race at for about an hour.

Learn more about tempo runs in the article I wrote for Team RunRun!

INTERVALS Intervals are workouts that involve shorter periods of high intensity efforts with a recovery period. The recovery periods included in interval workout do not allow for full recovery. The purpose of interval workouts is to increase aerobic capacity, increase lactate threshold, and improve recovery time. Intervals can be approached in a number of ways including structured and unstructured formats. Structured intervals include workouts such as repeats (400s, 800s, 1k, etc.) Unstructured workouts are called fartleks, which is Swedish for speed play. These workouts have you running at varying levels of intensity for varying amounts of time.

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